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Test Booklet Английский в фокусе Spotlight 11 Афанасьева О.В. 11 класс
Test Booklet Английский в фокусе Spotlight 11 Афанасьева О.В.


G Ваша местная библиотека желает улучшить свои услуги. Она попросила молодых людей в этом районе написать доклады с упоминанием любых новых видов деятельности, услуг или разделов книг, которые может предложить библиотека, что будет способствовать более активному пользованию библиотекой. Напишите свой доклад (120-180 слов). Вы можете использовать план ниже.
The aim of this report is to suggest ways of improving the services of Newtown Public Library, so that it can attract more young people to use it.
New activities
Firstly, the library needs to offer some new activities. For example, cinema nights or book discussion clubs could interest young people in going to the library.
New services
Youth today are becoming increasingly involved with technology and if the library were to offer Internet services, and a CD and DVD lending service to its members, it would certainly draw a large number of young people.
Additional book sections
The library needs to keep up with the reading needs of young people. Therefore, it would be a good idea to introduce a section which offers the latest fashion, computer and music magazines. Another suggestion would be to create a book section which would hold books by the writers young people find most popular.
All in all, the introduction of new activities, such as clubs and events, and new services, such as the Internet and new book sections, would make the library especially appealing to youths.

G Your local library wants to improve its services. It has asked young people in the area to send in reports mentioning any new activities, services or book sections the library could offer which would encourage more youths to make use of the library. Write your report (120-180 words). You may use the plan below to help you.